Terms & Conditions of Service

Packing your belongings

Please make sure that all your small goods are packed into boxes, that the boxes are sealed properly, and can take the weight of their content without sagging.

Please pack books in small to medium boxes. This will minimise the risk of staff being injured and make your move more efficient.

Clothes and soft toys can be packed into rubbish bags, but please make sure everything else is packed into boxes.

For crockery and glassware, please use unpainted newsprint or bubble wrap to protect these items from crashing together. Stow glasses and crockery as you would when loading a dishwasher or dish rack and write on the box “fragile glassware” and “this way up” with arrows pointing up on the box.

See our packing tips for more help with packing up your possessions.

Health and safety

Please ensure that both the environment and possessions we are moving are not excessively dirty, soiled, or dusty. Our representatives reserve the right to abandon the move if there is a concern for the health and/or safety of our team members.

There will also be a minimum charge of 1 hour, plus any travel charges that may apply.

Incorrect billing

If you have been incorrectly invoiced, Agape Movers Limited reserves the right to void this invoice and reissue the invoice, based on our GPS log, and other charges that may apply.

Key hold up (unable to gain access to pick-up or destination address)

If we are unable to gain access to either the pick-up or destination property, then the movers will continue to charge for time spent waiting to gain access to the property, charging in 10-minute increments based on the hourly rate of the service provided.


Please make a deposit payment of $200 towards your move.

Payment terms

Please pay on invoice, on completion by:

  • internet banking;
  • credit card (attracts 3%); or
  • on invoice.

Unless by prior arrangement, all overdue accounts may incur penalty interest of 5% for the first 7 days.

Accounts that are 14 days and over, may incur interest of 10.5% recalculated every 30 days, plus any debt collection fees payable.

Bank account details

We will provide you with our bank account details.


Agape Movers Limited and its representatives will not be held responsible for any accidental loss or damage during your move. However, we will endeavour to take the best care of your goods. You can purchase full move cover from your own insurance provider.